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Meet Our New 2019 Miss Too Cute Pageant Winners

IMG_0541 2.JPG

Laila williams

tot princess

cortney paegon dng _152.JPG



tiny princess

IMG_0543 2.JPG



little princess


Diahra digby

tween princess


Laila Williams is a super cute 3 year old!  


Her hobbies are singing, praise dancing, and playing with her brothers.


She wants to help people in need by giving away her toys, food, and praying for people.  As of now her aspirations are to simply be a "Big Kid".  


As a reigning princess, Laila will impact the world by showing that even tots can make a difference!  She has been participating in outreach activities of giving since the age of 1.  


She is helpful by nature, and radiance follows her everywhere she goes.


Bella Elaine Baker is a spicy 5 year old!


Her natural beauty is one to remember!


Her hobbies are gymnastics, dancing,modeling, and entertaining family and friends.  


She wants to help those in need by volunteering at local shelters. She aspires to become a dance and gymnastics instructor.  


Bella embodies lots of poise and grace.  She is certainly one of the world's future game changers.


Lyric Houser is and outgoing 7 year old.  


She enjoys cheer leading and gymnastics, and in her spare time she likes making videos.


She also enjoys quality time with her friends. Lyric loves helping others who are in need. When she is with her friends, she is either coloring or playing makeup.


During her reign, Lyric would like to put a smile on every individual face that has a disability.


Diahra Digby is a very intelligent 12 years old.  


Her hobbies are cheer leading and volleyball.


During her reign she plans to help those in need by donating to charities, feeding the homeless, and donating a helping hand where needed.  


She year she will launch her hair bow business and finally start her own YouTube channel.  


Her contribution to the world are her positive vibes, great spirit, and unique heart.  


She plans to remain a good student and friend to all.

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